RedBrick’s analytics make sure you’re on the right track

Big data’s not just for big business.

In fact, it’s essential if you want to grow and sustain your home-services business no matter what its size. And RedBrick Digital has the tracking-and-analytics talent that turns all that data into insights you can use to make sound decisions, improve efficiency, generate leads and enhance your business.

How much analytics can improve your marketing productivity
How much effective analytics can reduce your lead and customer loss
The percentage of small businesses that use data analytics
How much revenue a business can lose because of inefficient practices
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Tracking and analytics: success by the numbers

Businesses like yours use the information acquired by tracking and analytics to update and refine their service offerings and identify opportunities for growth.

RedBrick Digital is driven by numbers and assessment. We take the numbers and turn them into information you can use, whether it’s how well your website and social media are performing, evaluating your priorities when it comes to marketing, or what kind of leads your business is generating.

We help you set your objectives when it comes to analytics and identify what information is your priority. Our tracking-and-analytics experts break the data down into understandable information in both written and graphic form. We’re not afraid to show our work. And we’re not afraid to adjust if the numbers don’t meet our expectations.

RedBrick helps your business grow

RedBrick Digital knows how the internet works, and how it can be put to use for your business. Our multifaceted approach can help you generate leads and scale your business.

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