Grow your home service business by turning searchers into leads

The “I know a guy” word-of-mouth referrals of 20 years ago aren’t enough anymore to grow your home services business.

Whether you’re in roofing, remodeling, construction, plumbing, home cleaning, or one of the many other home services businesses, there are many businesses in your field in your community. You need to stand out to generate leads. And where you need to stand out is online, because that’s where your existing and future customers are and where they are looking for someone like you.

People looking for a local business like yours who start their search online

Businesses like yours which have not claimed their local listing on Google

Consumers who use a service business’s website to find and engage with them

Customers who are likely to recommend a company after a positive social media interaction
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RedBrick brings the leads to you

If you don’t have a website or social media for your home service business, and aren’t on the first page of their search results, the leads you’re looking for won’t find you.

Reaching these leads is a multifaceted process, one that takes planning and time and effort and skill. In the home services business, you’re up early and done late. After spending a full day on job sites and managing projects, taking regular time to manage digital marketing is a challenge.

That’s where RedBrick Digital comes in.

Service leads for the 21st century

The internet hasn’t just changed the game when it comes to home service businesses like yours finding customers — it’s flipped the game table as well.

And that means a whole new approach for marketing your business.

Before the internet and searches, your marketing objective was finding leads. Now, it’s being found — in online searches, on social media, on listings sites. And, once you’re found, you need to turn those leads into customers.

In the new digital marketing world, RedBrick is the ally you need.

We know the internet. We know why some home services businesses soar to the first page of a search and why some don’t. We know how social media can be leveraged to both attract leads and retain customers. We know how to create websites that are attractive and easy to use both in desktop and mobile formats. We know about effective customer service in the digital realm.

And we can use that knowledge to attract leads to your business.

RedBrick helps your business grow

We help you generate leads and build your business in a variety of ways, using a multipronged approach to digital marketing.

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