Customer service: A key part of building your business

When a customer or prospective customer reaches out to your home services business, the person they reach is your company. How that person manages the conversation can turn a customer into a repeat customer and a positive word-of-mouth generator. If they blow it, your home services business now has a former customer with a grievance to share all over your community and the internet.

How can your business make the most of a customer service opportunity and not blow it? That’s where RedBrick Digital comes in. We have the knowledge and experience to help you leverage customer service engagements into positive results that maintain and grow your customer base.

The percentage of consumers who say customer service is an important part of their deciding to be loyal to a business or brand
The percentage more Americans will pay a business with good customer service
The percentage of customers who have left a business to buy from a competitor after poor customer service
The average number of people Americans tell after having a poor customer service experience

The RedBrick Difference

Customer service isn’t just done over the phone anymore. It’s done through email, online reviews and social media. We teach you how to engage with customers and prospective customers, how to use that engagement to sell them on your home services business, how to effectively answer questions and solve problems and how to get customers to buy what your business is offering.

For example, a customer calls and asks for the price for a service. You could give them the price, and that’s it. You may or may not ever hear from them again. Or, you could start a conversation with them about what they’re looking for, take care to listen and demonstrate you understand them and sell them on how your business is the right one to give them what they need. That’s how you get sales and how to take advantage of customer service opportunities is what we teach you.

Some skills we focus on:

  • showing empathy and building a rapport with customers
  • asking the right questions and collecting information
  • spotting opportunities for solutions and sales
  • effectively dealing with angry customers
  • understanding the ins and outs of negotiation
  • smartly transferring and ending calls and online contacts positively

Grow your business with RedBrick

RedBrick Digital has what it takes to make the internet work for your home services business. Our multifaceted approach is designed to help enhance customer service to expand your customer base.

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