Process Step 1

1. Diagnose Your Marketing Challenges

Whether it is inconsistent branding, an outdated website, difficulty generating referrals or even confusion differentiating your brand from competitors, RedBrick Digital works with you directly to identify the challenges that are having the most impact on your business.

Process Step 2

2. Identify Goals & Objectives

What does your ideal digital marketing plan look like? Whether it’s an optimized mobile-friendly website or an expanded social media presence, we help you identify what you wish to achieve and key objectives for both the short- and long-term.

Process Step 2
Process Step 3

3. Analyze Your Target Audience

Who exactly do you want to do business with? For starters, assess your current customer base: Where do they live? What kinds of lifestyles do they lead? Based on this, we work with you to create a custom, targeted audience based on various demographic and psychographic variables.

Process Step 4

4. Define Your Digital Strategy

Whatever your goals, we can create a strategy to achieve them. Maybe it’s an SEO plan to increase your website presence and ranking on search engines. Maybe it’s a social media campaign to generate online reviews, and thus, more referrals. We help you put the pieces in place to execute digital campaigns that work.

Process Step 4
Process Step 5

5. Maintain a Working Partnership

The internet never sleeps, and neither should your digital marketing strategy! We assign you an Account Manager to work as an extension of your business, helping you to refine and improve your digital strategy over time to maximize ROI.