4 Reasons Blogging Matters for Home Service Companies

bloggingBy Melissa Bellas

Blogging is one of the most effective tools to build your brand online and doing so on a frequent basis is a simple way to enhance your digital marketing efforts, attract prospective customers in your service area and drive traffic to your website. And with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to smaller start-ups and mom-and-pop shops utilizing blogs to expand their digital presence, your business cannot afford to get left behind.
So why do blogs work?

Higher SEO Ranking
Search engines love fresh content. In fact, websites with blogs have a 434% higher chance of being ranked highly on search engines than those without1. For each blog posted to your website a new page is created to be indexed and scored by search engines, presenting even more opportunities for your business to show up in search results and drive traffic to your website organically. The more helpful industry topics you write about, the more you’ll rank high within hundreds of different keyword searches. Google and other search engines register consistent blogging as an indicator that your website is active and it keeps them checking in frequently for new content to surface.

Your Expertise Established
By regularly posting relevant content to your blog, you not only provide prospects and customers the answers they’ve been looking for but also establish your company as an expert and industry leader. Whether its addressing frequently asked questions, featuring how-to articles or even providing tips for equipment maintenance, offering your prospects and customers useful information helps build trust with your audience and shows how well versed your company is. And once your company becomes a go-to resource for helpful, informative content, you’ll be first on a customer’s mind when a need for your services arises.

Social Media Content Fueled
You already know just how important content is to the success of your profile if you already have a Facebook or other social media page. And while sharing other people’s content or articles from third-party sources is great, ideally you want to be driving this traffic back to your own site. Blogs provide articles that can be shared and talked about across your social media profiles, serving as a repository of content. Better yet, blogs are a great source of engagement. Blogging about topics your customers and industry peers are interested in makes it more likely they’ll be sharing and posting your content to their own social media pages and network of followers.

Humanize Your Brand
People prefer doing business with other people rather than a company without a face. Blogging creates a more human approach for your business, allowing you to develop a personal side to your company with practical content in your own voice. Readers have a human point of contact when you link each blog entry to an author, allowing them to put a face to your business’s name. This more personal dimension enables two-way conversations, connecting businesses with customers and prospects.

Not sure where to start? Begin by noticing which keywords your visitors are using to find your site. These keywords are the topics your customers and prospects are already looking for. Also try to avoid long gaps of time between your blog posts. When visitors see that your most recent blog post is six months old, it makes your site look out of date and unimportant.

Companies that blog receive 97% more links to their website2, according to research—just think of all that traffic! The best way to enhance communication from your company to your customers is with a blog—whether it’s for branding, marketing, public relations, company culture, new offerings/equipment or any other releases. You have virtually unlimited flexibility, with this social and personal part of your site, to personalize your blog with photos, videos and different themes. Users can receive email notifications every time a new post is made when they subscribe to your blog. And blogging just makes sense from a practical standpoint.

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